belief in God affects health
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Belief in God is a deeply personal and often controversial subject that can have a significant impact on an individual's mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that religious belief can positively affect one's overall health, providing a sense of purpose and meaning, as well as a supportive community.

Health ...
isometric exercise
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Whether you want to improve your overall fitness or change up your existing exercise routine, isometric workouts can help increase muscle strength and endurance, improve bone density and joint stability, and even reduce stress levels.

Isometric training is a type of strength training that involves contracting your muscles against an immovable ...

facial diagnosis using AI
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Facial Diagnosis has been around for thousands of years. Dr. Todd Frisch is the leading expert in the field and best-selling author of the book ‘Why ...

muscle growth
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In a 2014 study by Maeo et al titled Neuromuscular Adaptations Following 12 Week Maximal Voluntary Co-Contraction Training, subjects stood with their arm fixed at a 90 degree angle and performed a maximum voluntary isometric contraction for 4 seconds followed by 4 seconds of relaxation. This was considered one repetition. One set ...

weight loss is a bad idea
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People say "I need to lose weight." What they mean, of course, is they need to lose body fat.

Losing weight is a really bad idea if the weight lost is muscle, which is active tissue that burns calories. Body fat doesn't burn calories, it just sits there. A loss of muscle mass while dieting can cause a cascade of ill effects. ...

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Fatigue. Sweat. Soreness. Tired. Repeat. Does this typical workout program sound like a program you need to be healthy and fit?


The truth is, it's a great way to accelerate the aging process; to look older, to feel older, and to be less healthy. 

Who wants that?

No one.

Research ...

best diet to lose weight
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Calories In versus Calories Out, right? Wrong.

Back in 1956, a British doctor stationed in India made an important discovery: the same molecule that regulated fat metabolism in pregnant women could be used to regulate fat metabolism in those suffering from obesity.

age related muscle weakness
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In a recent study, age-related loss of strength was attributed to the inability of the nervous system to activate the muscle, and not found to be related to a loss of muscle mass.

The primary cause of loss in strength as we age was, until recently, believed to be loss of muscle mass. Because of this erroneous belief, various medicines ...

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